Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: The Aftermath (Ocean City, MD)

She came here, uninvited, angry and strong. Sandy wreked havoc across the Delmarva Penisula, massive flooding, trees down, and power outages. This is nothing compared to what the northeast is going through. Some places with up to 8 feet of water, electrial fires, power outages and subways down expected for several day.
Officals called this one of the most catostrophic storms to hit the mid Atlantic in years. 
Ocean City and some surrounding towns are very lucky. We can rebuild bridges and buildings but not lives.

 just a small bit of the beach destuction

 Beach erosion on 45th Street

 Our landmark Fishing Pier took a beating. Lost a good bit but its still standing.
 crews working to get debris off the beach
 a gloomy, scary look over the south end off Ocean City the day after

 Fagers Island
 With winds gusting over 80 mph, high tide rising and a full moon, the gazebo, a landmark at Fagers Island couldnt withstand the power of the bay. The beautiful angel perched ontop did however.
Fagers Island parking lot

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shelly & Jamie - Rackliffe House - Berlin, MD

I had the pleasure of not only taking photos but being a guest at very dear friends of ours wedding reception. shelly and jamie have been together over a decade and are the true testament that love conquerors all.  shelly and jamie have not only been together for 21 years but they have also worked and lived in ocean city just as long and to say they have made a lot friends is an under statement. so when it came time to throw a reception to celebrate their vows they did it the right way!
at the raddcliffe house near assateague island shelly and jamie threw an epic party. everyone that was dear to their hearts were there under a tent. no rain, no storm, no cold weather stood in the way of everyone having the time of their lives. heres to another 20 years guys! love ya!

Guerrerio Family - Ocean City, MD

meet the guerrerio family! we were introduced through a mutual friend. pam and her family were down for her daughter and mother in laws birthday. we actually had two sessions on the beach. we had one session with pam and her immediate family and then the other one with the extended family. what a fun group!

Scott Family - Ocean City, MD

What a great fall day on the beach for a mini session! Randy and his family met me on the beach in Ocean City  a few weeks ago for some photos. His daughter was having a blast in the sand and his son was content with just about anything.